Hello There and Welcome to Port Clinton Vacation Rentals.   My name is Michelle Bryant and I am thrilled to share (Click to Learn More) The Mermaid & The Lake Erie Inn and all that is Port Clinton with you!  I was born and raised in Port Clinton with family ties that run deep within the history of Port Clinton and the surrounding area.   I did leave the area for about 22 years, living and working in the Columbus, Ohio area, but I still managed to come back to the area on a consistent basis.  In 2017, I finally made the decision to come home and a year later purchased the Bashful Mermaid and then four years later purchased the Lake Erie Inn, which was called the Battenberg Inn.    Both properties have been hosts to many guests from all over the world for close to 100 years.   

Besides being your host, I am also a civil servant to the citizens of Port Clinton as the Tax Commissioner and am owned by many English Bulldogs that have given me one of the greatest joys in life being involved in rescue and actually focusing on those with special needs.  When I’m not hosting guests or ing, you can often find me with the bulldog rew, boating, fishing, enjoying the abundance of activities in our area from music and dining to anything outdoors, or taking in the various events happening around Port Clinton and Ottawa County so be sure to ask me for recommendations.  

As a host, I strive to provide all my guests with a feeling that they are HOME when staying at the properties.   I believe that attention to detail is key and which is why I take great care to ensure that the properties are clean, comfortable, and equipped with everything that you need to feel at home. 

Thank you for considering The Mermaid and the Lake Erie Inn.   I can’t wait to welcome you and share these special properties with you! Locally Owned and Managed, one of the few vacation rental properties in the area as well as being owned by a local, born and bred Port Clintonite…..

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